Age of War Unblocked

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Age of War is a fan-favorite browser-based tower defense game featuring simple yet addictive gameplay. Originally launching on gaming sites like MaxGames and Kongregate, Age of War has players constructing towers and recruiting armies to fend off enemy forces.

The goal is to destroy the enemy base by carefully managing resources, strategically placing defensive towers, upgrading units, and timing assault waves. With retro sprite animation graphics and easy mouse-click controls, Age of War delivers old-school real-time strategy thrills!


How to Play

In Age of War, two bases spawn on opposite ends of a winding path. Players must build training facilities to unlock new soldier and tower types for recruitment. Stockpile gold earned from defeating enemies to upgrade attacks and expand your armies.

As your forces grow, send troops to destroy the opposing base. Position spear throwers, archers, cannon towers, and more to defend your turf from incoming foes. Mix defensive towers with timed attacks to destroy the enemy base before they overwhelm your defenses.

Game Modes

Age of War offers game variants to test strategic might:

  • Campaign – Fight through 20 levels against smart AI enemies.
  • Skirmish – Quick head-to-head battles against the computer.
  • Multiplayer – Compete against other players online for high scores.

Game Features

Key features that make Age of War so fun and replayable:

  • Straightforward click controls for building towers and directing armies
  • Challenging enemy waves that keep ramping up in strength
  • Captivating pixel art animation style with detailed battle scenes
  • 15 unique soldier and tower types to deploy in battle
  • Online leaderboards and achievements for competitive players

Whether you have 5 minutes to spare or want an intense tower defense challenge, Age of War delivers solid real-time strategy action that spans the ages!

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